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Space Mouse is a simpe game will help you improve you eye-hand coordination
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Space Mouse is a simple but really challenging game that will help you improve you eye-hand coordination and concentration. The game is comprised of several labyrinths in which you must drag the mouse cursor from the starting point to the end without touching the walls. You have ten lives and every time you touch a wall, you lose a life and you have to start again from the beginning. The mazes get more and more complicated as you progress, since they will have more obstacles and little spaces to get through.

At some levels, you will even have to get keys or press buttons to open doors that lead you to the end or through parts of the mazes. Unfortunately, all the levels have the same background of a space theme with planets and spaceships flying around. Graphics are really simple, there are no sounds, and the music is suitable, but very repetitive. There is no save option, so if you leave you will have to start from level 1.

In short, if you are looking for a challenging game to pass time, Space Mouse may work for you. It is perfect to relax a little, but don't get your expectations too high; after all, it is a very simple game.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to play
  • Several levels
  • Free


  • No customization options
  • No sounds
  • Repetitive music
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